Our Team

Our team works to fight discrimination in employment, education, housing, and public places, including restrooms. We’re working to make sure transgender people get the basic equal rights they need and access to changes like gender marker on identification documents and obtaining legal name changes.


Kami Sid

Executive Director

Kami Sid was the first transgender model not only in Pakistan, but in the entire Muslim world. She is internationally well-known as a courageous and glamorous activist for transgender rights.

Sid has had the honor of representing Pakistan on various international platforms, and serves as a member of many national and international community-based organizations promoting social welfare. These groups addressing issues related to HIV, health, and human rights through capacity building, advocacy and community mobilization within local transgender communities.

We at Sub Rang are fighting for human rights in my country. As an activist, model, and public speaker, I focus on gender equality and trans empowerment, right for transgender youth and marginalized communities, and sexual and reproductive health care. My goal is to empower, motivate and inspire young vulnerable communities and fight for social and legislative justice.

Kami Sid

Bebo Haider


Bebo Haider is an established trans activist and famous beautician with vast experience in well-known salons. As a beautician and an active member of her community,  her practical experience with community-based organizations spans multiple cities since 2010. She is one of the founding members of Pakistan’s first “solidarity circles” to bring together members of the LGBT community. She’s represented Pakistan’s trans community in various national and international forums and participated in national and regional community-based social events, trainings, meetings and workshops

My work serves as an example of how transgender can make their living and improve their livelihood. Our organization is at the head of Pakistan’s transgender rights movement and we’re so glad to see measures being taken to highlight, yet normalize, the existence of a community so marginalized.

Bebo Haider

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